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DID YOU KNOW that when an account is deleted and purged, the purged username is only available to people willing to spend fifteen dollars on a rename token? True story.

Anyway - yankeeficswap happened at Christmas 2006, and then sometime in the spring of 2008, the community, along with all of the posted fic and reviews, was deleted. Then, much like a vulture would, I waited for the account to be purged so I could snap it up. Yankee Fic Swap will be back for Christmas 2008, so stay tuned - signups will start in October.

If you're looking for the old fic or reviews, the list of recovered links is behind the cut.

____ Pack Day? by thefreshchuff for agate [Google Cache] [permalink]

After Ten Rounds, by semby for _twat_/tabitha86 [Google Cache] [permalink]

And Then One Step Forward, by allthingsholy for otahyoni [Google Cache] [permalink]

Because Nobody's Watching, by ficjournal for falulatonks [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

'Cause I'm Not Leaving You Anymore, by judexseven for dresa [Google Cache] [permalink]

Change Your Heart, or: Advice for your life, Jim Halpert, by kyrafic for honey_wheeler [Google Cache] [permalink]

Christmas Shots, by ??? for care_says [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Confidentiality, by dudski for allthingsholy [permalink]

Cupcakes, by noblealice for semby [Google Cache] [permalink]

Every Day Should Be a Holiday, by lavenderlola/loveleeefic for missparker [Google Cache] [permalink]

Five Highs and Lows in Andy and Karen's Rollercoastery Friendship, by agate for jinxbuymeacoke [Comment threads collapsed - reviews are visible, responses are not. Google Cache: Post, one thread.] [permalink]

Five Holiday Invitations Ryan Howard Has Received, by agate for lavenderlola [Google Cache, 25ish of 49 comments available through cache links here.] [permalink]

Good First Impressions, by sideviewhotel for takethewords [Google Cache] [permalink]

Irreconcilable Differences (or How Michael Scott Came to Loathe Toby Flenderson With All His Being), by honey_wheeler for vfdj42 [Google Cache shows 25 of 63 comments, individual threads are at cache links here.] [permalink]

The Last Word, by zarahemla for nomadshan [Google Cache] [permalink]

Live Only Just To Believe, by judexseven for endofhistory [Google Cache] [permalink]

Maybe, by lissa_maylee for dudski [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

nameless (like you, like me, like forever), by care_says for darastar [permalink]

New Beginning, by ??? for noblealice [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Not A Panty Raid, by sadie_licious for thefreshchuff [Google Cache] [permalink]

Okay, by likealocket for ceelo_vicious [Google Cache] [permalink]

Pride, by nomadshan for shellies [Google Cache] [No permalink available for Pride, but Pieces, its MA-rated cousin, can be found here.]

Rational Thought, by ??? for traceace [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Resolute, by dresa for judexseven [Google Cache] [permalink]

The Romance of Afterwards, by care_says for chibirhm [Google Cache] [permalink]

Snow Day, by missparker for kyrafic [Google Cache] [permalink]

The Stars Are Going to Fall Tonight, by care_says for likealocket [permalink]

That Point, by otahyoni for sadie_licious [Google Cache] [permalink]

13 Months a Year (Or One and a Half Weddings, No Funerals, and a Distinct Lack of Partridges or Pear Trees), by chibirhm for likealocket [Google Cache] [permalink]

Two, by falulatonks by ficjournal [Google Cache] [permalink]

Type Schmype by shellies for sideviewhotel, only some reviews are visible. [Google Cache] [permalink]

Untitled, by goodtoast for zarahemla [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Welcome to Moosic, by honey_wheeler for goodtoast [2 of 16 comments available through Google Cache.] [permalink]

The What-if Game, by ??? for lissa_maylee [Google Cache - comments are split across URLs, 1 2 3] [No permalink available.]

White Gloves, by noblealice for pwincess [Google Cache] [permalink]
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